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Warmly, The Wild Hearts at Wild Heart Sanctuary.

Their Stories...

When a Wild Mustang captures your heart, it changes your life forever. The experience of connecting with a wild horse is truly unique. Meet the Wild Heart herd, and look into their eyes to connect with their souls. By seeking to understand them, you can unlock the secrets of the universe's silent language- a gift reserved for those who truly listen.



Don’t Cry For The Horses by Brenda Riley-Seymore 


Don’t cry for the horses that life has set free.
A million white horses, forever to be.
Don’t cry for the horses now in God’s hands.
As they dance and prance to a heavenly band.


They were ours as a gift, but never to keep
As they close their eyes, forever to sleep.
Their spirits unbound, forever to fly.
A million white horses, against the blue sky.

Look up into Heaven. You will see them above.
The horse we lost, the horse we loved.
Manes and tails flying, they gallop through time.
They were never yours, they were never mine.

Don’t cry for the horses, they will be back someday.
When our time has come, they will show us the way.
Do you hear that soft nicker close to your ear?
Don’t cry for the horses, love th
e ones that are here.

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