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Bale Us Out-We Need Lots of Hay


This year we rescued a Sulphur Wild Mustang mare named Star & four Mares from the BLM round up of

Utah's Onaqui Mustangs.

Giraffe, Grace, Miss Bliss & Leilani.

Along with our original Herd of Kokopelli, Wind Walker, Noble Moon, and Vashti (all rescued Wild Mustangs)

Our herd is growing and we are currently seeking

donations to secure

1000 bales of hay at $18 a bale.

If you feel called to make a difference, please click the link below to help us get more hay for our majestic Mustangs.  

Thank you for your continued support and contributions that make a significant impact to our efforts. Every bale helps!!!



 Above are the 4 wild horses we adopted from Utah's Onaqui herd round up this year and we love them so much!

They are now a part of the Wild Heart Herd and thriving.

 To see the new horses & help support their care click 'New Onaqui Mares' box below.

Grace, Miss Bliss, Giraffe and Leilani

The Day The Fab Four Onaqui Mares Arrived

They were covered with muck up above their stomachs after being in the BLM holding pens for over 6 months.   We are so HAPPY they are here at their FOREVER home to

thrive and be loved.

LOTS of hay was delivered to feed our growing herd and

we can always use more to make it to spring.

So GRATEFUL for all your support and kindness!


Wild Heart Sanctuary advocates for wild Mustangs in captivity and the dwindling herds still in the wild--both are in danger of losing protections under the law.


If your heart hurts just knowing about the senseless slaughter of a true American icon, then please find a way to get involved and give voice to the voiceless.


Wild Heart Sanctuary, the forever home for 8 rescued Mustangs, is a special place to experience the spirit, wisdom and grace of the wild horse--heart to heart.


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