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Bale Us Out-We Need Lots of Hay


Grace, Miss Bliss, Giraffe and Leilani

The Day The Fab Four Onaqui Mares Arrived

They were covered with muck up above their stomachs after being in the BLM holding pens for over 6 months.   We are so HAPPY they are here at their FOREVER home to thrive and be loved.

We recently rescued a Sulphur Wild Mustang mare named Star & four Mares from the BLM round up of

Utah's Onaqui Mustangs.

Giraffe, Grace, Miss Bliss & Leilani.

Our herd is growing and we are currently seeking donations to secure

1000 bales of hay at $18 a bale.

If you feel called to make a difference, please click the link below to help us get more hay for our majestic Mustangs.  

Thank you for your continued support and contributions that make a significant impact to our efforts. Every bale helps!!!



LOTS of hay was delivered to feed our growing herd

So GRATEFUL for all your support and kindness!


Wild Heart Sanctuary advocates for wild Mustangs in captivity and the dwindling herds still in the wild--both are in danger of losing protections under the law.


If your heart hurts just knowing about the senseless slaughter of a true American icon, then please find a way to get involved and give voice to the voiceless.


Wild Heart Sanctuary, the forever home for 8 rescued Mustangs, is a special place to experience the spirit, wisdom and grace of the wild horse--heart to heart.


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Support a Wild Mustang

We invite you to be an important part of the Wild Heart herd by supporting one or more of our wild horses, Newt or Kitties.  

When you sponsor, we will email you their photo with a personal message from them.  

 We recently adopted 4 more wild horses from Utah's Onaqui herd round up and we love them so much!

They are now a part of the Wild Heart Herd and thriving.

 To see the new horses & help support their care click 'New Onaqui Mares' box below.

Lead Mare

Wind Walker


In Memory of Cinder

Queen Shaman

Noble Moon

Spirit's Grandaughter


Lead Stallion


Therapy Dog

Cute Newt

Lieutenant Stallion


Wild Barn Kitties

The Tiger Cats

Lead Mare of the Wild Heart Herd and Noble Moon's Mother. She is the quiet one always watching the her herd, Showing the way and keeping peace with all the herd members. What a kind and gentle soul.

Noble Moon & her Mom Wind Walker where the first mustangs, creating the vision of Wild Heart Sanctuary.   Just being in her energy brings peace to your heart.

Our Lead Stallion of the herd.  Silent, respected leader.  His presence alone makes you feel protected. Standing at over 16 hands tall.  He keeps the herd safe.

Kokopelli's "Wing Man" making sure the herd is safe and sound.   He also is "Doctor Durango" sniffing and selecting the essential oils for the herd.

Vashti grounds the herd energetically.  She is truly a survivor.  Experiencing a lot  of trauma before arriving at our Sanctuary.   She is now at peace and has lots of self confidence. She loves children.  The Famous "Spirit" horse is possibly her Great Grandfather.  

Newt is the greeter for all the visitors to the sanctuary.  He loves cats, horses, humans and walks.  If you ever did yoga here, he usually is a visitor on your mat. He is the kindest dog ever!  All the animals love and respect each other here.  Reminds us of 'Doctor Doolittle' land.   

Meow! These wild (or not so wild) kitties were born in our barn in the haystack.  They had their Mommy teach them the ways of the cat world.  These siblings are so friendly, trusting and loving.  

They were donated a heated "Kittty Condo" which they love in the winter.  They LOVE humans,!

We lost a part of our hearts last October 8th.

Still feeling Cinder's energy around us at the sanctuary.  He was such a special horse!  He was named Cinder when we adopted him, the kids called him Unicorn and he was also nicknamed Quartz, because he shined so bright. 


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