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Your donation supports the financial overhead of the Wild Heart Sanctuary and our advocacy efforts  to help more wild horses, including publicity and media campaigns for the American wild horses. See our wish list below. 

Donation Wishes



-Social Media Help

-Website Design

-Fund Raising Help 

-Event/Public Relations Help

-Manure management

-Water Management

-Snow plowing

-Help prepping barn, fencing etc.

     for new Onaqui adoptions coming soon...

-Manure management

-Flood and land management

-Plumbing to bring water down to barn

(we carry a hose to horses, brutal in winter)

-Planting of native plants & pasture

-Gravel & Sandstone

-Much more....

If you or any one you know can help us out,

just go to "Contact Us" on website and email us.   



Your donation will show as on your credit card statement.