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Periodically throughout the year, we host groups from companies around Park City interested in bonding over a volunteer experience. Coming to Wild Heart Sanctuary is an incredible and memorable group experience.

Volunteer projects vary, but often include feeding the horses, mucking the barn and surrounding area, fixing what's broken, cleaning the water troughs and...mingling with the wild ones.

If you are a gardener, we'll even send you home with the best organic compost! Bring something to put it in.

To arrange a volunteer experience, please send us an email from our Contact page.

Preparing for Your Visit with the Wild Heart Infinity Herd

Please prepare for your experience by reviewing and signing our Waiver Form.


Make sure to wear close-toed shoes and bring water. You will want to make sure to also drink plenty of water after your visit. Leave your cell phone in your car--the horses are sensitive to cellular activity and it may decrease their willingness to approach. Food is also prohibited around the horses.


Directions will be provided once a visit is scheduled. Please park in front of the barn (to the right of the house) and wait for Sonya to meet you. Do not enter the barn alone. Although they are in sanctuary, these are still wild animals.


Then, experience the grace, beauty and heart wisdom of the Wild Heart Infinity herd. You'll learn their stories, hear about the plight of the wild horses currently in held captive in deplorable conditions and what you can do to help protect the remaining horses in the wild.