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There are a number of ways you can can help the wild horses cruelly being rounded up for needless captivity and to demand far more humane treatment of those already in captivity--many awaiting imminent slaughter. Below we have outlined current pressing issues and the actions you can take. Wild Heart Sanctuary supports The American Wildhorse Campaign (AWHC) and other nonprofit groups who are devoted to this cause and put constant pressure on the government to do what's right for the wild ones. The primary mission of Wild Heart Sanctuary is to stand harmony with these groups for wild horse protection from round ups and mass sterilization.

Heartbreaking News for Onaqui herd

The Onaqui herd had been protected for 48 years, but this changed in 2019 with a nine-day helicopter round up. The reason stated was Appropriate Management Level (AML), basically meaning the government decided there are too many Onaqui horses on the allotted federal land. We failed to stop this round and nearly half the herd-was captured.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) brutally chased them many miles to holding pens. The horses may remain captive forever or be sent to slaughter. Some die from exhaustion during the roundup. As American citizens, we must speak out to save this national treasure. Our tax dollars are being used for torture,  abuse, and unscientific "management.".

We failed to stop this round up, but please sign petitions when we send out alerts and reach out to Congress and the Interior Secretary to stop future roundups. Join our Action Alerts email list.

Above and below: Onaqui herd in May 2019, prior to roundup

A Small Win for the Wild Ones!

Recently, through the efforts of individuals like you who sign petitions against brutal roundups and unnecessary captivity, as well as the lobbying efforts of wild horse groups, the U.S. House, led by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, passed an historic amendment directing the BLM to use $11 million of its annual $21 million budget on fertility control. Although this is not a total win, it is significant in keeping the wild horses and burros free to roam. Less money will be available for roundups.

While the amendment directs spending on a fertility vaccine (PZP humane, reversible fertility control), it does not preclude the BLM from utilizing other forms of fertility control, it does not limit expenditures, and it does not prevent the BLM from using other forms of population management. There is still work to be done!

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