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There are a number of ways you can can help the wild horses cruelly being rounded up for needless captivity and to demand far more humane treatment of those already in captivity--many awaiting imminent slaughter. Below we have outlined current pressing issues and the actions you can take. Wild Heart Sanctuary supports The American Wildhorse Campaign (AWHC) and other nonprofit groups who are devoted to this cause and put constant pressure on the government to do what's right for the wild ones. The primary mission of Wild Heart Sanctuary is to stand harmony with these groups for wild horse protection from round ups and mass sterilization.

Photo by Kimerlee Curyl

Heartbreaking News for Onaqui herd

The Onaqui herd has been protected for 48 years, but this will change September 11th with a nine-day helicopter round up. The reason stated is Appropriate Management Level (AML), basically meaning the government decided there are too many Onaqui horses on the allotted federal land. We failed to stop this roundup, which will decimate the herd--nearly half will be captured.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will brutally chase them many miles to holding pens. The horses may remain captive forever or sent to slaughter. Some die from exhaustion during the roundup. As American citizens, we must speak out to save this national treasure. Our tax dollars are being used for torture and abuse.

We failed to stop this round up, but please sign petitions when we send out action alerts and reach out to Congress and the Interior Secretary to stop future roundups.

Devastating Fed Regulation Changes 

The federal government is attempting to limit public participation when it comes to how agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service assess the environmental impact of actions such as wild horse roundups and invasive livestock grazing renewals, oil and gas leases, and mining operations. Federal agencies are required to evaluate the effects on the environment through two primary tools, an Environmental Assessment (EA) or an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).


A hallmark of these processes is the opportunity for the public to submit comments at each stage of the environmental review. For wild horses and burros, this allows citizens to participate in decision making and provides a mechanism for ensuring that federal law protecting these iconic animals is upheld.  

Learn more and find out what you can do now to stop federal overreach.

Is Congress Supporting Wild Horses?

Where do your elected officials stand on issues regarding wild horse protections from round ups and mass sterilization? Find out whether there are town halls scheduled in your area to discuss these matters. If not, ask why not.

The American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) makes it easy to find out about scheduled town hall meetings. Please attend a meeting near you! If there is nothing scheduled in your area, please reach out to your representatives or their legislative aides and get involved by setting up a town hall meeting.

The lives and future of our American icon is at stake. You can make a difference. Please get involved today!


For town hall information, click here.

Help Wild Heart Sanctuary advocate on behalf of the wild horses. Your donation will show as on your credit card.

Wild Horse "Removal" Dates

Even the way the federal government speaks about the wild horses and burros is callous. The schedule refers to the torturous round ups as "removal" dates.


Sonya Richins, founder of Wild Heart Sanctuary, and two WHS board members personally visited the vital and healthy Onaqui herd prior to the 2019 roundup to see for themselves whether the horses were starving or lacking water. It was not the case. In fact, we found thriving family bands caring and nurturing this year's beautiful foals.

Click here to read about the 2020 round up schedule. The BLM is planning its most aggressive assault on the wild horses ever. If Congress approves, 20,000+ horses could be rounded up each of the next 3 to 4 years, essentially annihilating our iconic treasure. Reach out to your congressional members to insist that  the wild horses receive the protections they are allowed by law. 

Photo by John Boroski

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