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Wild Heart is excited to introduce our members to the Lonely Genome Project (LGP). LGP is a collection of artists and scientists creating fine art generated from patterns describing animal DNA. They start with the genetic code of an animal and use this to provide the structure of abstract art using specially-tuned algorithms on a computer. The emerging patterns and structures then have color added to them to create digital art that can either be transferred to a portrait of an animal or displayed in abstract as-is. Pieces are available as digital files for display on a screen or physical prints that can be framed and displayed in your home.


Digital pieces can be bought as digital NFTs directly from the Opensea site. If you’re new to this, here is a helpful link to guide you through the process or you can reach out directly to LGP (email below). If you’d prefer a printed piece, reach out directly to Wild Heart with the piece you would like and size specifications, we will fulfill the order for you.


Descriptions for the first collection of the Wild Heart

Herd are shown below:

*The Noble Moon portraits portray defined circular and fan shapes as the central pattern to represent both the moon on her forehead, and mysticism associated with healing. Shades of purple represent the royalty she imbues as Queen of the herd.

*The Wind Walker portraits have circular patterns reminiscent of Noble Moon’s patterns but blended to soften the image to represent her motherly role in the herd. Pinks and maroons are used to impart a feeling of femininity and softness to the pieces.

*The King Kokopelli portraits use strong colors - grey and brown to represent the rare Guerilla coat with orange to represent the tiger stripes on the legs. The colors are meshed together as bands within powerful shapes to represent his leadership and masculinity.

*The Durango portraits mimic the strong colors found in Kokopelli’s images evoking his close friendship as his “wingman”. Repeating patterns and occasional swirls call to mind the healing hand in Native American pottery representing therapeutic energy in his search for curative herbs.

*The Cinder portraits highlight soft mineral tones with geometric patterns recalling quartz crystals. One of the images features cloud-like shapes mesmerizing and magical like a unicorn.

*The Vashti portrait is bright and sunny to highlight her newfound confidence on the ranch. The playful shapes in the series are used to invoke a childlike playfulness.

For more information about this work, please contact us or you can email LGP at

You can also check out their pet-to-fine art service at

LGP has partnered with Wild Heart to create truly unique pieces that represent the animals on the ranch. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to us to support the important work of the sanctuary. We invite you to explore the art and see if it excites you as much as it does us! You should also check out LGP’s service for making similar art unique to your own pets, at Don’t miss your chance to own this unique marriage of science and fine art.

The inspiration for this collection comes from the Wild Heart mustang herd and is the first equine project for LGP. During this process LGP worked closely with Sonya to capture the personality of herd members and the beloved cats and dogs who cohabitate on the ranch. Below are descriptions of the initial collaboration and proofs of the pieces that we are selling, as well as options for purchase (digital image/NFT or framed print). Options shown are the algorithmic

generated pattern and a style-transfer image to the mustang’s portrait for 6 members of the herd, 2 images for each mustang.

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