Wild Horses have carried American history on their backs and have done so much for the human race. If you feel compassion at all when you hear about the continued and senseless slaughter of an American icon, then please take action now to ensure the next generation will not be the last. Wild Heart Sanctuary exists entirely on donations. Please consider a donation today.

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I want to express my deep gratitude that you are considering involvement in the dire future of the wild American Mustangs. The herd at Wild Heart Sanctuary and their wild brothers and sisters roaming the West benefit greatly from your generosity.


Your donation will go a long way to support our Sanctuary and advocacy efforts so the remaining wild ones maintain their freedom and others in inhumane captivity find refuge in sanctuaries of their own.


Any gift in any amount - it all makes a difference.

From our wild heart to yours,

Sonya Richins,

Founder Wild Heart Sanctuary and


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