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Since the autumn weather is so beautiful up here... 
Chandra & Kellie have offered to lead us in 
gentle creative flow classes Oct. 18th & Oct 25th.

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October 21st


Chandra Tillotson

Gentle feel good flow,

connecting to Mother

Nature and the Wild Heart Herd. 

Kellie St. Pierre


Creative gentle autumn, nature  flow connecting your heart to

the wild horses

Imagine yourself surrounded by bird songs, open sky, majestic clouds, gentle breezes, wild life, and the sacred earth energy of a herd of beautiful wild mustangs as you experience a grounded yoga practice like no other.

Wild Horse Journey Yoga is one of the most unique experiences in the world.

Whether you’re a brand new beginner or a seasoned yogi, Wild Heart welcomes you with open arms.

Come join our Wild Horse Journey Yoga sessions throughout the season.


Our class schedule varies, so return to this page often to register for unique yoga experiences.

Be among the first to learn of new yoga experiences by signing up below.  

No previous horse experience is necessary, all your connections with the wild horses are from the ground.

Meet Our Yoga & Qigong Instructors
These are experiences you will never forget

fall option3.jpg

Outdoor Qigong

Pronounced (chi-kung) is a moving meditation, focusing on breath, relaxing our body, and being present for it all. 

Join Sifu Toni as we move slowly with the horses around us, enjoying the transitional yin season of autumn.


Sifu Toni Lock

Join Katie as she leads us through an intuitive Wild Horse Nature Yoga

with her Noble Moon Drum


Katie Barbaro 


Bree Silhavy

A joyful, grounding nature practice. Join Bree to align with your inner spirit, nature and the hearts of the wild ones.


Ariana Speirs

Impacting and inspiring more peace, light and wild mustang love.


Christa Jutras

Special earthing yoga 


Katie Barbaro

Join Katie & Curt to celebrate the Harvest Full Moon.

Restore yoga, crystal bowls, flutes & drums


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Horse Journey Yoga Video

Horse Journey Yoga Video

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