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Wild Heart Sanctuary founder Sonya Richins has a long and storied history with horses. As a child, she had two horses, competed and was even a rodeo queen. While her experiences with her horses growing up are very fond, she now devotes her time and resources to the wild Mustangs and has vowed never to ride a horse again. Instead, she has rescued several Wild Mustangs that would have otherwise been destined to slaughtered. They all thrive at their forever home 'Wild Heart Sanctuary'.  She stands by their side to create awareness and give voice to the plight of the majestic wild Mustang. The trailers to the documentaries she has produced and directed are below.  Truly a tribute to her love of all horses. 

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Wild Heart Sanctuary founder Sonya Richins produced the documentary Mestengo, which was viewed at the Sundance Film Festival. It is passionate effort to clear the air and put all of the facts surrounding the wild American Mustang before the people of the world. The story of injustice will astound and infuriate you as the details unfold in vivid cinematography before your eyes. How did we let this happen? 

Though it has been over a decade, the film's message is still the same, just the numbers have changed. As of 2013 there were over 60,000 wild Mustangs in government holding pens and less then 20,000 running free in the wild.


Here is the trailer to Mestengo and you can request the 20-minute documentary below, learn about and feel the injustice, then act.

Healing Power of Horses

Sonya Richins has traveled across America filming footage of how horses are healing the human race. She has filmed both the scientific and the unexplainable healing power of horses. Please view the rough cut to the left and discover the transformative gifts horses share with humans.


We are seeking funding for post-production to finish this documentary. The message is inspiring and will help garner support for saving the wild Mustangs.

If you are interested in providing funding and/or post-production facilities, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page. 

The Horses Voice

The video clip to the left is the trailer for a reality documentary series called The Horses Voice. We are seeking funding to continue this project with the goal of being picked up by a network for a weekly series.


The intent of the series is to visit a new horse and its caretaker each week along with an animal communicator to see what happens.....very interesting, surprising and entertaining. Turns out, horses have a lot to say!


Such a series would expose more people to magic of horses and, perhaps, get them interested in the ongoing brutal conditions those in the wild and in captivity suffer at the hands of humans.

The Path of the Horse

The video clip to the left is a trailer for a full feature film about a horse trainer who gives up her career to travel the world, searching for people who might unlock the secret of how to move to the next level of understanding with horses. What she finds is simple but is she willing to pay the price to take the path less traveled? This inspirational documentary explores the future of horse-human relationships and ultimately all human relationships.

The Path of the Horse takes an honest look at what we’re doing with horses today and asks, “Is this the world we want to create?”



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