Wish List

Your donation supports the financial overhead of the Wild Heart Sanctuary and our advocacy efforts  to help more wild horses, including publicity and media campaigns for the American wild horses. See our wish list below. 

Donation Wishes
$     11 buys one bale of hay
$     25 provides feed and supplements per day
       for eight horses
$   125 total expenses for eight horses/day
$   200 provides vet care per horse/year
$   450 pays emergency medical insurance for
      one horse/year
$ 1,200 feed and supplements per horse/year 
$ 2,000 buys winter hay for eight horses
$ 5,800 full care for one horse/year

Your donation will show as reinfree.org on your credit card.


Periodically throughout the year, we host groups from companies around Park City interested in bonding over a volunteer experience. Coming to Wild Heart Sanctuary is an incredible and memorable group experience.

Volunteer projects vary, but often include feeding the horses, mucking the barn and surrounding area, fixing what's broken, cleaning the water troughs and...mingling with the wild ones.

If you are a gardener, we'll even send you home with the best organic compost! Bring something to put it in.

To arrange a volunteer experience, please send us an email from our Contact page.

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