Nobel Moon and Kokopelli with Wild Heart Sanctuary founder Sonya Richins

Wild Heart Sanctuary emerged from a passion and vision to provide a safe place for wild Mustangs to heal from the traumas of being captured and subjected to captivity and for people to experience how the wisdom of the wild Mustang can guide them on paths of transition, discovery and awakening.

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Wild Heart Sanctuary is a forever home and safe haven for 8 wild Mustangs rescued from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 

Our primary work is educating the public about the plight of the horses in government captivity--many awaiting slaughter--and helping to protect those still running free--though sadly endangered. 


We often work with other nonprofits, school groups, and at-risk individuals who benefit from the healing grace of the Wild Heart herd.


We are fully funded by your donations and support. The Sanctuary is part of the 501(c)3 registered nonprofit Inc.

Our Mission
Our Vision

We believe in the power of heart connections and we know first hand the transformational power of the wild horse heart. 


We hope you will become part of our vision to stand strong for continued protections given under U.S. law for those remaining in the wild and to pressure the BLM, federal and state governments to create humane conditions for those brutally rounded up. Current conditions within the BLM and government may reverse protections given enacted in 1971 and this could mean extinction of the free running Mustangs.

Join us in giving voice to the wild horses (and burros) by signing up for our Take Action alerts. Add your voice to ours and help save this iconic treasure.



Sonya Richins, Founder

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Wild Heart News

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