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Of the Wild Heart Wild Mustang Herd

 A Great Investment for a Good Cause!

Wild Heart Sanctuary is excited to introduce you to the Lonely Genome Project

LGP is a collection of artists and scientists creating fine art from

the patterns found in animal DNA.

This innovative team starts with real genetic code.

They then use the animal DNA code to build the NFT

                         structure of abstract art using specially-tuned algorithms on a computer.

 The emerging patterns and structures then have color added to them to

create a digital piece of art that can be displayed on a computer or 

printed and framed to physically display.


LGP has partnered with Wild Heart to create truly unique pieces that 

represent the animals on the sanctuary.

Proceeds from the sale will be donated to us to 

support the important work of the sanctuary.  

We invite you to explore the art and see if it 

excites you as much as it does us! 

The inspiration for this set comes from the Wild Heart mustang herd and is the

first equine project for LGP. 

During this process LGP worked closely with Sonya to capture the personality of herd members and the beloved cats and dogs who cohabitate on the sanctuary. 

Below are descriptions of the resulting series and links that take you to the

proofs of the pieces that we are selling, 

as well as options for purchase

Digital files can be found here - 


                                                                       Descriptions can be found here - 


Below are examples of the artistic translation of Wind Walker and Kokopelli.

Creating these fine art NFTs or Print.

For more information and to purchase  

contact or

You can also check out the Lonely Genome Project pet-to-fine art service at


The Wind Walker series has circular patterns reminiscent of Noble Moon’s patterns but blended to soften the image to represent her motherly role in the herd.  Pinks and maroons are used to impart a feeling of femininity and softness to the pieces.

The King Kokopelli series uses strong colors - grey and brown to represent the rare Guerilla coat with orange to represent the tiger stripes on the legs.  The colors are meshed together as bands within powerful shapes to represent his leadership and masculinity.

Our Clients

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